How to make your room enjoyable in corona times

In times like these we are, sadly, obligated to study and work from home mostly. A lot of students that live in student houses have small rooms with already their bed, their entire wardrobe and a desk to study at. This doesn’t leave them a lot of extra space. So, how do you make sure you have a nice work-from-home environment and that you will not go crazy between those four walls? We’ve gathered some tips for you and your room!

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How to tackle social isolation

As Aristotle once said we, humans, are social animals and we are not meant to be alone. You need other people in your life. Our brains are literally programmed to desire to be part of a social group. It desires the feeling of available help, must you need it. Research shows that when this need is not fulfilled, it can lead to depressive or anxious feelings. So, there are a ton of benefits, mentally and physically, from having an active social life. A study from an American university among students, for example, showed that those who had an active social life were healthier and at lesser risk of having a heart attack.

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