How to make your room enjoyable in corona times

In times like these we are, sadly, obligated to study and work from home mostly. A lot of students that live in student houses have small rooms with already their bed, their entire wardrobe and a desk to study at. This doesn’t leave them a lot of extra space. So, how do you make sure you have a nice work-from-home environment and that you will not go crazy between those four walls? We’ve gathered some tips for you and your room!

Tip 1: Tidy room equals tidy mind
A clean room helps you to clear your head before starting your day bright and shiny!

Tip 2: Optimize your furniture division

Is your furniture practically organized? Maybe there is a way to save space? Throw things around in your room for change and see how you feel about it! Maybe it will give you new perspectives.

Tip 3: Use room dividers

IKEA has the well-known ‘KALLAX’ closet. This is a closet that is divided into different square compartments. In this closet you can store baskets, for example, to create some extra storage space. On top of that it also functions as a room divider in between your workspace and sleeping space, for example.

Tip 4: Find your optimal working spot

Some people like sitting in front of a window, so that they can look outside. Others need as little stimuli as they can get. Choose spot that inspires you to get most productive!

Tip 5:  Bring some cozy ambience into your room

Make yourself comfortable. Get a nice extra pillow or a foot stand, maybe a scented candle even? Just be careful that you do not make it too comfortable for yourself, since you still have work to do! 😉

These were some of our tips for now. Obviously, there are plenty more good ones. Give Pinterest a search in your coffee- or lunchbreak, this will totally help you get some awesome ideas. 😊